Our reason for being

To share with our customers the best of what our Canadian artisans and companies do. We have a multitude of products inspired by our culture, our great outdoors and our history to offer you.

We are proud to offer you exceptional quality products. You're sure to find something you love in our collections, which range from urban adventure to timeless chic, including essentials and designer creations.

Artisans Canada and its social footprint:

  • Supporting local expertise has been our family business DNA since 1946! We know all about local sourcing. We surround ourselves with partners and artisans with whom we share the same social, environmental and human values. As for our local delivery services, we have also chosen to surround ourselves with neighbouring and local SMEs.
  • Breakages and defects, we will always find ourselves with many unsaleable products. This does not mean that they are unusable! In Montreal, since 2018, we have been supplying T-shirts and other clothing to thefamijeunes community organization which supports families in the South West of Montreal towards a better socio-economic integration. We also make several donations to the Centre Madame prend congé, a Montreal organization that fights poverty and violence against women

Green and environmental practices :

  • On the front line: In store, recycling and reuse are the basis of our daily routine. Values shared by all our employees, it's an automatic at Artisans Canada!
  • Packaging: Our green shipping secrets? we make our own stuffing for packages to be shipped. What could be easier than shredding our used paper? If you're patient with the puzzles, you might just discover the details of our invoices!
  • Delivery: Did you know that for a radius of about 10km, between April and November, in Montreal we pedal ourselves for our deliveries! For Quebec City, our local delivery man travels by bike - electric cargo or electric car!

Artisans Canada - une équipe au cœur vert